Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Life Lately ~ In Pictures ~ Part 1

Where have we been & what have we been doing? Lots. Girl Scouts is nearly done, school is nearly done. We are all ready to "de-schedule" and do lots of swimming!

Erin decided to "grow" her hair out. I'm pretty sure they didn't mention in Tangled how Rapunzel's hair shedded EVERYWHERE!

Erin's last field trip was to the Red Bluff Farm. It was by far the best field trip ever! It was extremely interesting and informative. Three classes of Kindergardeners & when the Farmer said "sshhhh", all was quiet!

baby goats

Mary Lou about to get milked 

Hallie & Erin

 The "K" teachers each had a turn to kiss the pig. I'm not sure who was the most upset about it. But I CAN tell you, the pig definately let everyone know about his displeasure!

my Sweetie & Me

planting corn

class pic

I started doing this and am on week 6. It hasn't killed me yet, but I'm thinking any day now...
Luke had his Easter parade at school. He got to ride his bike with strict rules NOT to run over any ankles. ahem.


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