Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas in Pictures - Part 2

Christmas afternoon at Mom's

Christmas in Pictures - Part 1

Friday before Christmas
Aren't they sweet :)

Christmas Eve morning @ home

Friday, December 23, 2011

Fridge Art of the Best Kind

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Luke's Christmas Program

Does the baby need a blanket to keep Him warm?
I've got a blanket I'll share...

Does the baby need a blanket so the hay won't itch?
I've got a blanket I'll share...

Does the baby need a blanket to help Him sleep?
I've got a blanket I'll share!

I SO love these two fellas :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Her Christmas List

Here is my sweet Miss Erin's Christmas list...

A DS / Case
A Chalk Board ;)
My Own Garden
Spend the Night at Granny's House
Sleep in Mom's Bed
Sleep in Luke's Bed

I was pretty sure I could pull off most of these. Sleeping in Mom's bed is a tricky one though, especially when Patrick & I take up most of the bed.

So - Erin and I had a deal. After Dad got up and left for work around 6:15, I could get her out of her bed, and lay her with me until it was time to wake up for school.

Today was the day.
As I pulled her spaghetti legs (and kitty) out of the bed and laid her in mine, she said,
"You are the best Mom I ever had."
I was so shocked by her expression of love I had to ask her to repeat it.
"You are the best Mom I ever had."
It was just as sweet the second time she said it.

As she wiggled, twitched, and cuddled her way back to sleep, I excitedly laid awake, like it was Christmas morning for me.

Friday, December 2, 2011

For All Warm Things

For all warms things of this season I thank you, Lord.

For the warmth of my house as I come in cold from shopping. For the fragrant warmth of my kitchen as I turn on the oven and sift and measure and stir and bake. For the snug warmth of the bedrooms when (finally, after much commotion) my children asleep.

For the warmth of this cup of steaming coffee in my hand as I settle down (exhausted, and at last) before the fire that dances so warm and festive on the grate.

And for warm clothes, Lord. These slippers, this robe - all the untidy closets bursting. The car coat tossed across a chair. And the car itself, a warm car to take us places (once we get started). And those warm places: the homes of neighbors, friends, a warm church to worship in.

And the warm people there. The warm smiles and greetings. The generosity and kindness of people everywhere.

I am full of this warmth, Lord. It comforts me, it calms me. It makes me feel a glow almost as rosy as the embers in the fireplace. I want all people to be warm and rested and at peace.

Thank you for this blessed season of warmth in the midst of so much that is chill and stormy. Let it draw all of us together against the coming cold.

~~"For All Warm Things", Margorie Holmes,
from Hold Me Up A Little Longer, Lord~~