Sunday, August 7, 2011

Little Miss First Grade

A very reluctant Erin awoke early for her first day of school Friday. She has been quite nervous about starting school this year. After all, no other teacher could possibly compare to the wonderful Mrs Rippel.

Her being nervous made me nervous, although I knew she would be fine. She was also concerned about what she will be learning this year. Nevermind she completed her K-1st bridge workbook this summer in no time...That she was doing 1st grade workbooks at home after school last year.

So tomorrow is her second day, and she is feeling better about it already.

Nevertheless, here are pictures from Friday morning.
 She was up extra early, dressed & fixing her own breakfast. Am I even need around here anymore? ;)

Now there is a real smile. It took a while to get one.

Her summary of the day? It's a lot like kindergarten. Whew!


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