Monday, February 6, 2012

Mom Of A Certain Age

I suppose the time was sure to come. I am officially old. Four months shy of number 36.

Proof x 3

1- While looking at sale shoes on Friday, I found a pair of black Converse in my size for $10. TEN DOLLARS! They were comfortable. And cute.

Erin was quick to point out that those were teenager shoes. Those kind with the white on the toes. I asked her if she would still go to the store with me if I wore them.
No comment.
To the checkout I go!

2- Erin was choreographing Luke & I on a dance she created.
I had to stand in the back. Behind Luke.
Of course, she clarified TALLER when I teased her about it.

3- I don't really remember what the third instance was. But I remember there was one.
Short term memory loss? That's not a sign of aging, is it?


  1. Sorry Dear, but 36 is NOT officially old. Do you consider me old ? I am older than you are by a good many years, but officially old ? No way. If the good Lord says the same, we will talk about it again in 15 to 20 years. By then I will be old, but you old ... not even then.

  2. Ah, 36! If I could have just stayed there...but then, there would be some Littles missing from my life. :) No matter how old you are, my friend, you only get lovelier!!

  3. 36 is the new 18, 'cause 42 is the new 20;)!My girls would die if I bought a pair of Converse...They are so cute, though:)!