Sunday, May 9, 2010

This Ain't Hallmark

The morning started off well enough. Erin slept until 7:22, climbed into bed with me and snoozed a few minutes more. It gave me the quiet chance to pray for patience. A breakfast of waffles and a swept floor, I was ready for a morning jog. Erin wanted to stay home with her Dad & color, Luke was willing to come along on his bike.

He wanted to be the line leader. Fine enough, until I started jogging... and he did not keep up. Which meant I was the line leader. Who knew a nearly 3 year old could scream & cry for .7 miles? Well, I know and so does our neighborhood. The man outside watering his freshly planted tree must have wondered about us. We finally made it home. Straight to his room he had to go. I was greeted by the most beautiful sunshine coloring page and a smiling face.

While getting dressed for church, Erin asked to see the singing bunnies in the Christmas shoeboxes. Sounds of "Jesus loves me" filled the small bathroom.

Later, more cries..Smears of snot on church clothes...Claims of  "I'm bigger - I not little." Apparently not too big to stay home with Dad to get a much needed nap.

Erin and I had a chance to check out the new flowers that bloomed. Her sunflower we have been anticipating...the first daylilly of the year.

A nuzzle.

A kiss.

We ventured off to church. It was my turn to teach her class. Thank the good Lord the other mom assigned to my class showed up. Ten children are fine on a good day, but there are always a couple of boys in there who are not on their "good day" to say the least.

We made it back home and had time for lunch and a little playtime break before visiting Mom. Also time for more meltdowns, this time from Erin who was clearly disappointed that we would not be purchasing frozen confections from the ice cream man. Must he pass every day and stir up my children? Apparently, he does.

I must say the visit to Mom's went very well. Everyone was on their best behavior. We walked in the woods, spotted a snake, some turkey tracks, and got our feet quite dusty.

Back home to cook a quick supper of chicken fettucine, more bike rides, the smell of boiling crawfish, baths and bed. It's after 9:00 pm and all is quiet.

And with God's grace I will get to do it all over again tomorrow, hopefully with improvements.

This is mother's day. Every day.


  1. Sweet Ashleigh...first I have to say, your hair is so lovely! :)

    These are the days of motherhood, aren't they? There is no Hallmark as a measure because we'd never grow more like Him. I treasure with you the new day since His mercies come with it as well as another opportunity to reflect more of Him and less of me.

    You're a beautiful Mommy, inside and out.

  2. True Trisha. Seems I was too busy on His day to focus on Him as much as is deserved. Thank you for the compliments. You are wonderful yourself!

  3. Hi Ashleigh! First of all, I'm so glad I found your cute blog! Loved this post! :-)