Friday, August 13, 2010

A Day In The Life...

of a kindergartener!

Today was the day, my big girl finally started Kindergarten. She has waited for years to ride the bus and she could not have been more excited! Patrick was home today to see her off on her first day, and Granny came for the excitement too.

Some like morning coffee,
 Erin likes morning frogs...

honestly, I think she smiled like this all morning...

waiting for the bus...

and there she goes!

We had been asked at the open house (that I missed - oops!) if we would be able to come help out with the lunch routine for a day or two, so I did.

There I found out most of the morning had been spent making a gingerbread girl, but as soon as they baked her, she ran off! So the girls searched all over the school, looking for clues as to where the gingerbread girl might be. I don't think they ever found her.

On to lunch...Thank goodness for rolls & pink milk.
I remember being much older, and as soon as we sat down, we would lick our roll so no one else would take it.

Then we all anxiously watched the clock for the bus to come again!

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  1. I just typed a comment and I think I accidentally deleted it...ugg...

    I love seeing pictures of your beautiful children! Such sweet smiles...but frogs? Oh, my!

    And when I was teaching kindergarten we also played that gingerbread man game! It was such a great way to show the kids around the school. I had forgotten about that! What a sweet memory...I loved teaching that age (except having to wipe little bums...ha!).

    Have a great week, Ashleigh!