Friday, August 20, 2010

So Long Summer

Erin has made it successfully through a week of Kindergarten with green smilies in her calender every day. 
Luke has survived two weeks of pre-k and brought home a paper today with perfectly traced straight lines marked "Great" from his teacher.

I was looking back through July's pictures and realized I never posted these. From our many trips to Blue Bayou this summer, I never brought my camera, because it was always just me & the kids, and we were always in the water.

Because it was just usually the three of us, we had a rule to stick together and take turns. Take turns paying the parking man. Take turns picking the first swimming activity, the first ride. Group bathroom breaks whether you had to go or not. Hanging on tight to Mom in the wave pool & lazy river. Alternating piggy back rides back to the car...

Looking at these, I'm reminded of what an awesome summer I had with my family. And that we have a few weeks left on our passes....I see another trip coming...

This was "Summer Lights on Summer Nights" and Patrick joined us for rides & laser show.

So long summer, we miss you already!


  1. Ashleigh,
    Isn't it wonderful how God has given us the gift of pictures? I love how they help us remember. Glad all is well as you move into Autumn and school. Your children are such cuties. :)

  2. I love Erin's curly hair!!! Your kids are darling!