Sunday, January 16, 2011

Makin' Memories

Winter leaves us in a rut. I dread it. Dark at 5pm. Same ole thing every day. Too cold to play outside...Or we bundle up and go outside for 5 minutes. We have played the Wii until the thought of it sickens me.

But Saturday we were blessed with a beautiful day. Blue skies, much warmer than it has been in quite a while. So we got out!

Our putt-putt experience on our Florida vacation was so fun, we opted to do it again. Poor Erin, she didn't realize there was a course in Baton Rouge & asked if we were going to Florida. 5 hours in the car to play mini-golf? I didn't want to get out that bad!

Amazingly, Luke & I each scored a hole in one. I heard many shouts of hole in second! Patrick & Erin each scored (shot?) two. One of Erins' was the result in her ball bouncing off Luke's shoe. But I suppose that counts too!

I'm no pro, but that's good form.

Silly faces

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  1. That first picture is hilarious! That is how my 6 year old plays putt-putt. He then just scoots the ball to the hole. It's all good, though, and we just cheer and cheer when he makes a hole in one every time=).