Sunday, January 9, 2011


Some days children just make you crazy. The (it seems) endless bossing, whining, bumping, crying...
Then something super sweet happens, that makes it all better. For me anyway!

Many of you know how Erin has expressed desire to marry her brother. I have tried to explain, Daddy is not my brother. You can't marry your brother for many reasons. It's not legal, when you are old enough to marry you won't want to marry him, you are going to marry someone you probably don't even know right now. I think she's finally getting it.

But tonight, I was giving Luke a bath. Erin comes in, sad faced...

Erin: "Mom, if I can't marry Luke, then I won't get to see him all the time!"
Me: "Oh Sweetie!"
Luke: "Why?"
Erin: "Because, you are going to marry someone else!"
Luke: "Like Mama?"
Erin: "No! Someone you don't even know!"
Erin: "I'll be sad if we are not together."
Luke: "I won't."

So I did my best to explain, that we will all have our own families when they grow up, but we will always be family. And they are always welcome at our house anytime. And if they want, they NEVER EVER have to grow up & leave!
(Right Patrick ;)


  1. Ha! Ha! You'll be so glad you recorded this little conversation, dear friend! So cute. :)

  2. Luke's response is priceless! Glad you wrote this down to show him one day=)!

  3. Great job documenting their conversation.

    Love it that they love each other so much.

    (and by the way, your song on your blog is one of our favorites.)