Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I'm not good at "before" pictures. I'm usually too pumped up to get started and remember 1/2 way through the project that I didn't get any before pictures.

But "before"....11 year old berber carpet in the bedrooms that used to be an off whitish sort of color, that had become a brownish sort of color.

In our bedroom....11 year old paint in a grayish tone that I had the desire (but not enough apparently) to paint into a warmer color.

Not pictured: A VERY hard working husband, who gave up 4 Saturdays to rip out old carpet & refloor our bedrooms. A job that he was willing to do with only the payment of a new saw and a steak dinner.

And don't even ask - OF COURSE I make our beds each morning ;)


  1. Absolutely awesome, Ashleigh! You have such a lovely home, and God bless our hardworking husbands!