Monday, April 11, 2011

The Dadr Paf

Scene Set:
Saturday evening I was in the kitchen, preparing a lovely meal for my family.
Erin comes in from the backyard & lets me know that if she is gone, she will leave a note.

A few minutes later, I walk outside to see what type of mischief my children may be up to.

I find this note:
Dear Mom,
We are goeg on the dadr paf.
Erin and Luke

The dadr paf?
Now most of the time I can figure it out. Path I get.
I must have expressed my confusion out loud.
"Dadr? What is a dadr path?"
Around the corner comes my trusty boy, who never strays far.
"Look Mom! It's the DANGER paf!"

What dangers may lurk around the corner of this small, peaceful land?

Carefully I take another turn....

Luke is staying close to catch the horror on film.
Or at least digital memory.

Relief overwhelms me as I find my daughter safely picking clovers in the yard.

We have narrowly escaped the dadr of the suburbs.
and the sun sets as we are all safely tucked in our beds...

or are we?


  1. Ha, ha, my friend! Great post, and don't you just love and thank God for the JOY that our children bring into our days???? Love you!

  2. hee hee!!! I love how kids think!

  3. I love keeping those little notes with their adorable spelliings. How cute their minds think :)
    How dangerous she must of felt! Living on the edge like that and all, lol!

    (and yes! that was a Toyota Tercel...1994. I liked to call it "ice green" though...LOL!)