Sunday, July 10, 2011

What Do You Think Of Me?

What do you think of me?
From baby steps and finger paints
and learning how to read,
I proudly asked the world’s advice,
“What do you think of me?”

With trophies, grades and honors
I quickly began to see
the world applauds success and fame-
“What do you think of me?”

“You look great,” “I love your smile,”
“You’ve lost some weight, I see.”
With high school comes the dating game-
“What do you think of me?”

For boyfriends and promised love,
I traded my purity,
and choked back tears and silently asked,
“What do you think of me?”

The world’s applause was my reward
when I sought to please,
but the clapping stopped when I missed the mark-
“What do you think of me?”

And now I stand before his throne
burdened by sin and shame.
Beaten and battered by the world,
I call upon his name.
I hold back tears and try to speak,
but utter a silent plea.
With downcast eyes, I finally ask,
“What do you think of me?”

I catch my breath as he draws close
In fear, my knees grow weak.
My heart grows faint as I wait on him
And then I hear him speak:
“My child,” he said, the time has come
when you ask the same of me.
For so long you’ve sought the world’s advice—
What do you think of me?
Now, here we are, my turn has come,
the chance to finally say
exactly what I think of you,
so allow me, if I may.”

Gently, he takes my chin
and raises my face to see.
“My child,” he said, “You’re beautiful-
for you’re made in the image of me!
The world was quick to judge your deeds,
but failed to tell the rest-
there was nothing you could do
to make me love you less.

Before you ever drew a breath,
My name was on your heart,
the author of your hidden frame
before your life did start.

You entered this life with pomp and fare
And I held my breath to see,
if those I allowed to care for you
would teach you all about me.

An innocent child, your journey began
in this life to find your place.
The world was quick to take your hand
and thus began the race.

In quiet moments throughout your life
I whispered in your ear,
tender pledges of my love-
I prayed someday you’d hear.

But the world could offer nothing
to fill your inmost need,
and release you from the bondage of sin
and love you eternally.

My Son was sent to tell the world
of my unfailing love -
A covenant pledged to all mankind
and written in the heavens above.

My boy was nailed to a rugged cross,
For you, he agreed to die.
As a sacrifice for your sin and shame,
“It is finished,” he finally cried.

The world could never match my love,
the price was far too high-
for if you were the only one,
My Son would choose to die.

I’ve gone to desperate lengths, my child,
to prove my love to you.
I loved you then, I love you now-
Will you love me too?”

“My child,” he said, “The choice is yours.
What will your answer be?
It’s your turn now — the question is,
What do you think of me?”

(c) Vicki Courtney, 1999

Your Girl
Your Girl addresses the negative influences facing young women in today’s culture and what mothers can do to counteract the cultural influences and raise Godly daughters. Vicki Courtney addresses the times our daughters live in, the high calling of motherhood, and the necessity to enter the battle to counteract the influences


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