Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dinosaur Train

A few days ago, I heard laughing outside and immediately know something is up. So, I go outside to check it out, and Erin said Luke is riding the Dinosaur Train. She is the conductor of course!


  1. Oh you gotta be kidding me!! It's my boys FAVORITE show now too.
    Just last night from the bathtub, I heard them both saying in silly voices, "What am I doing in a Tyrannodon nest?"!!

  2. so I just checked out your link to PBSKIds and discovered that I sooooo mispelled Pteranodon!!!! Too funny!!

  3. jack loves the show too! although i don't think he's as smart as the vaughn boys b/c he can't say the big words ;)
    Lovin your new layout! I am so addicted to blogging it is ridiculous.