Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our Civic Duty

For those who don't get the Livingston Business & Real Estate Journal , Editor Helen Wale Turner hits the nail on the head nearly every month.  And notice my new links on the right, it's now easier than ever to contact our Representatives. (I JUST DID)

Here is an excerpt from October's editorial.

Here's what else I want in a healthcare bill:
• Coverage for pre-existing conditions - after a reasonable period, so people can't take advantage of the system.
• Transportability, so you can take your coverage from one job to another.
• Coverage - but not subsidies - for illegal aliens IF they purchase their own health insurance. (The alternative is leaving them uninsured and they go to the emergency room for every ailment and taxpayers end up paying for their care indirectly). After all, aliens buy automobile insurance; so what's the difference.
• A cap on malpractice suits and reduced paperwork to lower doctors' costs.
• Tax deductible health savings accounts for all.
• But most of all, I want insurance premiums brought under control, and the easiest, most equitable way to do that might be to allow interstate competition between insurance companies which would bring down prices through capitalistic means.

Now, what was so difficult about that? Let’s get it done!


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