Thursday, October 15, 2009

Memories of the Ordinary

As I started to plan my baby girl's 5th birthday party - she brings this Bulletin home from Focus on the Family....

Picture this scene: You've planned a surprise party for your daughter's 10th birthday. You have invited her friends, hung streamers, blown up balloons, meticulously decorated the cake and hired Sparkles the Clown. The party is a huge success. 

Years later, as the two of you swap your favorite memories, your daughter mentions her 10th birthday. You assume she will rave about the cake & the funny balloon animals. Instead, she recalls how much fun it was to ride in the van with you to grab breakfast. To her, the one on one time you shared was priceless.

Many children find just as much, or even more, joy in the little things as they do in life's big events. Eating a special breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes, picking out the perfect backpack for the first day of school and singing silly songs in the car could be the highlights for your children. 

Busyness can make it difficult for parents to savor life's ordinary moments. But it is precisely those moments that your children will treasure.

I am speaking from personal experience: That little girl enjoying a ride in the van was me. And to this day, that simple event remains one of my favorite memories of time spent with my father. 

By Allison Akey


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