Friday, July 9, 2010

For The Love Of Chicken

Today was Cow Appreciation Day at Chick Fil A.
Never heard of it? Well I hadn't either until the other day. But what else did we have to do today besides dress up like cows to get free chicken? Hmmm, nothing. So off we went in our printable cow costumes from their website. Cowgirl boots were not required, but worn anyway. And now that I look at this picture, Luke looks a little "flying nunish" the way his cow ears are flipped up!

I expected it to be packed, but it was not. So then, I got nervous. What if this Chick Fil A doesn't participate, and we walk in here like a bunch of loons, dressed like cows. Thankfully one of the cashiers was dressed up, so I knew we were ok.

(Look at their little cow tails)

Erin & Luke each got a complete kids meal and I got a free entree (spicy chicken wrap how I loooove you!)  for sporting a sign & cow ears.  Our lunch for all of us was $1.50 because I had to buy my own drink. Not bad for enduring a few minutes of this!

Dear Cows, I appreciate you!
Dearest Chicken, my belly appreciates you!
Dear McDonalds, step up. I remember when you actually gave books & sand pails with your happy meals.


  1. LOVE. IT. You're such a rockn' mom!

  2. Very cool! I always expect CFA to packed like that too, and it's never too bad!