Wednesday, July 28, 2010

~Real Beauty~ Bare Tummy Alert

A few days before our recent girls trip, I decided to take belly shots. Kind of like that dove "true beauty" campaign.
So here we are, showing our abdominals..

We are six girls who:

have been friends since elementary school,
who have gotten in much trouble together,
have gone through heartaches together,
to come out better on the other side,
laughed and cried together,
studied and cheated together,
we are moms who work, at home and away,
whose bellies have been stretched, kicked, and cramped,
who always try our best,
but sometimes need a break to unwind and relax...


  1. Who are the cheaters in the middle!!! haha. That'd be me too.

  2. We started out together as little girls and grew to be young ladies....but you can tell by the belly buttons and stretch marks that we are now truly women!!! The greatest gift on earth is the gift of life and to become a mama!!! Had a blast Ashleigh and can't wait until next year!!!!!

  3. This is the best idea! I would never be brave enough to show my belly, though. ;)