Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fort Walton Beach ~ Day 1

This past week Patrick & I decided Labor Day weekend was "now or never" to take the kids to the beach this summer. Not that we I would wait until the last minute to plan such a thing. Because I would never chance Pensacola being sold out of rooms. ahem.

But really, if Pensacola was nice, then Fort Walton should be better. So there. Maybe it was my little plan all along.

Our first day ~ Saturday
The kids made sand angels.

And we visited the Splash Garden at the hotel.

Luke's favorite was the huge whale tongue. Or maybe it was a crab.

Erin was a pirate. ARRRGGH!
And I can not get this song out of my head. Because I have Mom brain.

We also had a friendly visitor outside our room.

We ate dinner at The Black Pearl.
Luke tried a lemon and liked it.
Then he dropped it on the floor and nearly cried. The waiter brought him a plate full, Luke said he was a good man. :)

After dinner we went back to the room. Someone was a bit tired, and clearly not on the mood for smiling for the camera.


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