Monday, September 20, 2010

My Latest Project

For a while now I have been looking for a "sleepover" friendly bed for Erin. A bed that doesn't take up half of her floor space, and something more comfortable than a pallet on the floor for company.

I finally found it last weekend! I was searching Craigslist (and fyi - don't list something without a picture, that's just frustrating), anyway, I found one listed (no pic) 2 miles down from my house at a storage building / flea market.

I looked at it twice, and still couldn't decide. I didn't want to just give away my hard earned thirty dollars! Patrick, being my wonderful husband, said "It's just $30, lets try it and see."

So we scooped it up.
What a prize, right?

Next, I borrowed my brother in laws' hand held sander. And I was thankful for every second of it! I also discovered the headboard part was heavy duty pressed board with laminate on top. And - that laminate is second on the hardness scale, closely behind a diamond. It did not want to rough up!

And lucky for the neighbors, I was in the backyard so I could not be seen!

Since the headboards were pressed, I figured I better get some oil based Kilz instead of using the water based we had. And because I am lazy when it comes to priming, I bought 2 cans of spray kilz instead of a can. $10. The reduction in time was SO worth it!

Next, I painted them up with some leftover paint, and it turns out I didn't have a drop to spare.

I lightly scuffed up the detail with a fine sandpaper to give it a little depth and so I wouldn't freak when it actually does get scuffed up!

I also found this cute decal at the Dollar Tree, and thought it would be great.

Here it is as a single, Patrick had to repair a rail for the top bunk.

And the bunks I finished up today!

We do actually have to find another twin mattress for it, so this was not functional, I just couldn't help myself & had to see how it would look! Patrick is also going to work on a rail & ladder for the top.

Not so bad for $40 !


  1. Ashleigh,
    This is absolutely amazing! I LOVE it. God so blessed all of your hard work, and you must be your daughter's hero.:)

  2. I LOVE IT! And the quilt you have on the bottom bunk is exactly what I have on Mackenzie's! I just love reading your blog and need to start one of my own but not sure how to go about it.