Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fort Walton ~ Day 2 & 3

We all slept until nearly 8am Sunday morning. I didn't know that could actually happen.
I think I may have been the first to put on my swimsuit to get down to the beach.

Honestly, how beautiful is this?

Patrick fulfilled my request to get his swimshorts wet on the trip.

We dug for clams and saved enough to stink up the sand bucket.
Erin looked nearly horrified when we later read that seagulls eat them.

And we I built a sandcastle.

Later, we walked across the street for a family first. Miniature Golf! We had been wanting to take the kids all summer, and just never did. I'm so glad we did it this time, we had so much fun!

Erin & Luke each got a lesson from the resident pro. Erin caught on pretty quickly...

Luke looked a bit like Happy Gilmore, pushing the ball around with his club like a hockey puck.
But his kind heart made up for it - when another lady lost her ball in the water,
Luke said "I can give her my ball."

Look at that form.

Honestly, Mr. Hole in One, contain yourself. ;)

Day 3 ~
I didn't take any pictures, but Erin & I were finally brave enough to swim in this pool. This pool that must have been filled with melted ice. cccccc-cold!

Thankfully, there was another one, although not as pretty, but much warmer we filled in the gaps with.

It was a great trip, the water, sand & weather were beautiful...And I for one, was not ready to come back home!


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