Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Rich" Is Not What You Have

I've heard many people say this year they had to cut back. What would their children think when "Santa" didn't deliver as many Christmas gifts as they normally receive. When their children don't get everything on their list Christmas morning....I can't help but think how perfect a time it is to explain that Christmas is not about things, gifts, Santa & elves.

Christmas is about Christ. That is what "Christmas is all about". Christ was born humbly for us. He left His throne to come to save us. To live and walk among the sin, sadness and sickness we have caused ourselves by disobeying Him. He came to tell us that He loves us, no matter what we do wrong, just as we love our children when they do wrong. If we would only ask for forgiveness for the failures and mistakes we make every day. If we would beleive that Jesus is God's son.

God gave his Son for us! Can you imagine sacrificing your child for this world? How He loves us!


"Then he said to them, "Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; a man's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions."
Luke 12:15

Dr. James Moore wrote, "During World War II, four
young American soldiers who had been on the front
lines of battle for some time, were sent back to a
small French village for a little R & R.

When they arrived in the village, they realized that it was
Christmas Eve. They began to discuss how they would
like to spend Christmas. One of the soldiers said,
"You know, as we were coming into town earlier today,
I noticed an orphanage on the outskirts of the
village. Why don't we go there in the morning and take
some Christmas joy to those children?" The others liked
the idea and the more they talked about it, the more
excited they became. So they went out and bought all
kinds of toys, candy, clothing, food, books, and games.

Early the next morning they showed up at the
front door of the orphanage with wonderful Christmas
presents for all the children.
"The orphanage director was pleased and all the
children were delighted as they opened their gifts.
All the children that is, except for one little girl
who stood quietly off to the side. She appeared to be
5 or 6 years old and her face looked very sad. One of
the soldiers noticed that she was not participating,
so he asked the orphanage director about the little
girl. 'Bless her heart,' said the director, 'we just
got her last week. Both of her parents were killed in
a car wreck. There was no one to take her in, so we
brought her here.'

"The soldier went over to the little girl and gently
he said to her, 'It's Christmas morning and we have
wonderful Christmas presents here: toys, clothes,
candy, food, books, and puzzles. Which would you like?
What do you want most for Christmas?' And the little
girl said, 'I want somebody to hold me.'

"Maybe that is the best Christmas gift of all--someone
to hold us. As somebody once put it, 'Rich is not what
you have. It's who you have beside you.' Well, this
sacred season comes along once each year to remind us
that 'Love Came Down At Christmas,' that God is even
now reaching out to us with open arms, and that He
wants us to accept His love and to pass it on to others."


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