Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Without further slacking - here are our Thanksgiving pictures.
This year we went to my Aunt & Uncle's home.

Erin & Luke both got to ride their own personal choice of transportation. We were so thankful for the nice weather since they had been looking forward to this for so long!

Erin & I got to sit atop a horse. I can't really say it was riding, since we were led around. Good enough for the both of us anyway!

Luke finally got to drive the digger. Now his life is complete.
And yes, my son wore his slippers to Thanksgiving dinner. You really can't argue about everything.

Erin got to eat her pumpkin pie. At least I think that is what is under the pile of cool whip.

Thanks Aunt Di & Uncle Mel!

We spent the night at the camp that night, roasted marshmallows, woke up to an awful storm & came back home. Silly faces along the way...

We are very thankful the Lord watches over us and my scatterbrain-ness as we came home to an oven that had been on for 24 hours. I'm thankful He doesn't sleep!


  1. Once my roommate left the oven on for days, and no one knew until it started to smell funny! She had cooked fish! Blech!

    Glad you guys had fun!!!

  2. Oh, my, the oven on for 24 hours! You sound like me. :)

    It sounds like your Thanksgiving was full of many blessings. Thanks for the great pictures, and I totally agree with you about the slippers. :)