Friday, October 8, 2010

A Bowl Of Fun

Erin was invited to participate in her first ever "Fun Bowl" at our local fairgrounds. I suppose her grace & athleticism have surpassed her name. ahem.

The Fun Bowl is a competition from some of the elementary schools in the parish. I think about 8 schools competed for a trophy that is kept at their school.

Erin was a little apprehensive about the whole thing, not knowing what to expect & all. We knew there would be a 3-legged sack race and probably an egg toss. The only reason she was willing to do it was because her good friend Hallie, who invited her, would be her partner.

They had on their game faces. Or dog faces.

After that, anxiety.

Luke, of course, didn't know what all the concern was about, he was ready to go. But yet again he was told, "when you are in kindergarten, you can..."

This was the group from Erin's school to compete - K through 5th grade. The actual competition was K-2nd & 3rd-5th.

 First round, the sack race. She was a trooper and chose to hop instead of scurry.

 Even when she took a spill (or two) as many did, she jumped up & got back at it.

Next round was the 3-legged race and I have to say she & Hallie did great! They didn't fall at all & looked like they were having fun.


She & Hallie did sit out of the balloon relay & the "cottonball stuck on your nose with vaseline race", which was by far the cutest. They were convinced to go back in for the egg toss by Hallie's mom when she assured them if they were in the back of the line, the egg would never make it to them.

In the end, the team took 3rd, which I think was pretty good!

And she got her candy apple for a prize!

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  1. What fun, Ashleigh! Looks like she really enjoyed her apple. :)