Saturday, October 30, 2010

Princess Pajama Pants

Last Saturday was Erin's 6th birthday. She wanted her friends to wear pajamas, and for a craft we painted pillowcases which I thought was really fun, even if a bit messy.

She also agreed to sacrifice store bought cake for a pinata. I didn't have any pinata experience, but we were quite certain to shield the patiently waiting children from the bat being wielded around their heads!

This is when the girls were all jumping, but stopped for me to take a picture. I love how they got progressively sillier!

Present time! Can you tell the princess' are what she had been wanting for nearly a year? Thanks Granny & Paw!

Self explanatory goodness!

And the unicorn slaying. Can you see everyone's mouth dropped when Anna busted open the pinata?

It was a super fun day!
 No pictures of the painting, there was no time, but we used fabric paint, stencils & sponge brushes.


  1. How sweet, Ashleigh! Pinatas are fun! I've been wanting to make the painted pillowcases. Were you happy with the results? You do a great job capturing these special moments. Your children will be so thankful!

  2. my niece Kenzie is in LOVE with disney princesses as well...after her 5th birthday last month she now has an entire room of princess complete with comforter, curtains, ect...I love that she is into girly things...but she can also be a BIG tomboy with her boy cousins :)

    have a great day