Thursday, October 21, 2010


Mr. Luke has kept us on our toes lately, to say the least.

He hasn't slept a full night in who knows when....

I overheard him having a conversation with my Mom & Aunt just the other day, and I'm not sure one word of truth came out of his mouth...

I mistakenly thought we would be spending the night at the camp a few weeks ago, because Luke told me "Daddy said yes". I believed his dimpled smile.

Here are some of his latest activities.

Me: Luke! What are you doing?

 Luke: Washing my hands.

He also has an unending love for blueberries...

He gets frustrated with me when I pull his undies & pants up a bit too much...
But he thinks it hilarious to do this:

It's a good thing he's funny, sweet, silly and thoughtful, so we'll continue to provide room and board.

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  1. Love this! My five year old loves blueberries. The aftermath disturbed me for a while (you know, like when you eat blue ice cream and what color it comes out...hope you can read between the lines, here=)) and it scared him at first, but we got over it=). Now, he begs for blueberries all the time.
    That picture of Luke's breeches hiked up is hilarious! Poor guy! He is such a cutie!