Friday, October 15, 2010

School Is Her Bag Baby!

This morning I had my very first parent/teacher conference. At 8:15.
Nevermind the kids were out of school & actually slept past 7:00am.

We knew Erin was doing great, she always does the bonus questions on her tests and loves her teacher.

So when the kids & I got to our appointment, this is what we were presented with.

Her teacher said she is a great student (of course). She is always willing to help in any way she can, and loves to look around the class for words to write. Her teacher said even though she knows the information is sometimes repetitive for Erin, she never loses interest.

Erin's reading level is also the best in her class. Some students are reading the same books she is, but not as easily. Erin is reading so well, in fact, her teacher wants her to go to a first grade class for her reading lesson!

It would be about 30 minutes a day, and they have to get their schedules together, but I'M SO PROUD!
And - she may even get to skip naptime! Wahooo! No more staying up late!

Way to go Erin, we are all so happy for you!


  1. that is so great! I know you are one proud mama!!
    Maybe you should tutor Rypie..she is struggling with reading, at least according to her teacher, but I think she is doing great!

    Love your new header too :)

  2. That's awesome! We don't have naptime in our Kinder, and that's good cuz Ironman stopped napping like, 3 years ago!?