Monday, November 2, 2009

Fruit of the Groom

John 15:1-16

Jesus reveals His plan for his disciples lives after He has departed and the Holy Spirit has been sent. Jesus is giving them instructions on not just how to survive, but to thrive in a world that will hate them for believing in Him.

I - Follow The Truthful Word, The Holy Bible
It is unmatched in its provision and unequal in its promises

II - Have A Fruitful Walk
A. Vines and branches are used to depict the relationship of Jesus with His followers.
Without the vine, there are no branches. Without the vine, we do not grow in Jesus. (Psalm 90:8, Romans 11)
B. Eight times in these scriptures we find the word "abide" which means to stay or continue. We must abide by Him. If we do, others will see our fruit of Jesus.
  a. If you are born again, you will tell people about Jesus
  b. You will make progress with Jesus and become more like Him
  c. Offer praises to Him continually

III - Be A Joyful Witness
A. Have a relationship so special with Jesus. He loves us as much as God loves Him
B. Have a friendship so sweet (vs 12) This is my commandment that you love one another...
  a. Be compassionate
  b. Have confidence (vs 14) You are my friend if you do what I command
  c. Be committed (vs 16) Go and bear fruit

I am going to heaven, will you go with me?

Greenwell Springs Baptist Church
Sunday, October 31


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