Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Cubbie Bear

As some of you know, Erin attends AWANA Cubbies on Wednesday night at church. It is a great program, and each week at home, we read a story from her book & she has to memorize a corresponding bible verse for the upcoming weeks' class. Tonight the verse to recite was "They word is true, from the beginning... Psalm 119:160" For some reason neither of us did very well memorizing this one. Distraction maybe, it wasn't catchy to a tune, who knows...

So I go to her class after bible study tonight, and her teacher says, "I want to ask you something". Uh-oh. Is this ever good? "Can Erin read?" I sheepishly responded (because I KNEW what had happened), "Well, yes, some." She said, "I've noticed her looking at the book the last few weeks when she recites her verse."

Busted, baby girl!

So, while I am incredibly proud of my smart cubbie bear, (and her teacher was proud of her reading skills), I think her book may not be placed beside her next week!

Laugh it up!

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  1. funny! that's what you get for having a smart kid, cheating at church ;)