Saturday, November 7, 2009

When You Have Problems

I don't normally post Wednesday night studies, but really, who doesn't have problems that need a bit o' help?

John 6:1-71

During this time of teaching, Jesus performs the "feeding of the five thousand" miracle. It is the only miracle that is recorded in all four gospels. It also gives us three principles to follow when you have problems (or when you aren't having problems, for that matter).

I - Include God In Your Calculations (vs 5-15)
Jesus inquired of Phillip, "Where can we buy bread to feed all these people?" Phillip responded that they only had 200 denarii, not nearly enough money to buy a sufficient amount of bread. Then Andrew spoke up and said there was a boy with 5 loaves of barley bread (which were more like pancakes) and 2 small fish. Jesus ordered everyone in the crowd to sit down, and in the end, they had 12 baskets of food left over (one for each disciple to carry home) as a reminder, to never leave Jesus out of their calculations.

When Phillip left Jesus out of the equation, he only realized that they did not have enough money. Another very important note, Jesus was only given a little, but He gave thanks for it), and everyone got all they wanted. (vs 11)

II - Be Ready For An Examination (vs 16-21)
In the middle of a severe storm that night, approximately 3-4 miles from shore, or halfway across the sea, the disciples see someone walking on the water. (Mark 6:48 tells us that this happened on the 4th watch of the night, around 4-6am. The men were exhausted from rowing in this terrible storm.) Peter challenged the Lord that if it was really Him, allow Peter to walk on the water too. Which he did, UNTIL he took his eyes off Jesus, then he began to sink. After Jesus got into the boat with the men, they were immediately on the other side of the sea.

III - Make Sure Of Your Salvation (vs 22-71)
The very next day after Jesus fed the 5000, the crowds were all looking for Him, for selfish purposes. So He would feed them. Jesus told them not to look to him for perishable food, but for eternal life.

For the bread of God is He who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world (John 6:33)


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