Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday - Anything But Lazy

Activity # 1 - Wrestling Teaching {13} 4-5 year olds this morning at preschool church. The goal was to keep at least 1 in time out the entire time. I was almost successful. And I may have overheard someone say I was mean. And if the criteria for being mean is not allowing the following... You can not fling soap & water all over the bathroom after snack, you can not take toys away from others, you certainly can not pull someones shirt or push them IN THE MOUTH with your FOOT because they are pulling you (must I go on)...Then yes, mean I am. Get me a shirt.

Activity # 2 - Little Miss Birthday turns 5! It was great fun. Lots of laughing, squealing, sweating, and monkeying around.

Activity # 3 - Mom, can we PLEASE stop at the fishing store? Look at the lights. Ok 15 35 minutes. We did miss Santa, but saw a man who must have been his brother, with a genuine beard, carrying black boots, walking into the restaurant. Then Erin & Luke each picked out their very own 4 wheelers for their wish list.

Pink for the little lady...

And a very large, more masculine one for the chauffeur his sister of course.


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