Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our Little Angel

I have to take a bit to brag on my beautiful, intelligent daughter. The last few weeks she has been simply wonderful. She has been happy, loving, and more than eager to go to school. She has hugged us and told us she loved us more than she ever has in her entire life! And, just the other night, she told me I was super. Me.Super.Ha! These are not things that usually come out of Erin's mouth. I have been loving it! (Now I realize that I will soon be paying for all this bragging, it never goes without punishment!)


She and her classmates have been practicing for weeks for their Christmas program at school. Just a few days ago, she announced she would be an angel. YAY! I have been eagerly waiting. Tonight was the night, and well, she was just angelic. Just see for youself!

These pretty girls were more than willing to have their picture taken!

While the classes were getting ready, Luke happily waited to see his sister.

The Nativity

I love these two guys!

And she does too!

Thanks Granny & Paw for coming!

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