Saturday, February 13, 2010

Animal Adventures

Our trip to the zoo. A pictorial.

Erin loves animals, critters & bugs of all kinds, I'm not sure she's ever met one she didn't like.

Luke is slightly more cautious. He reluctantly brushes the goats.

All the while keeping his eye on that shady character behind him.

He was not to worry for long, because as soon as Patrick walked up to the fence, they were suddenly interested.
Drawn to him.

What is it about my husband that makes the goats flock to him?

They do have good taste, I must say. But I think it was the M&M's they were really interested in!
Not a chance Ms Goat, you're not getting his snack.
They also had an animal show today, although we did miss part of it, we walked up at just the right time for Erin. The young lady had just taken a baby alligator out of the cage. 

Oh she's GOT this! She is a pro at petting baby alligators, having seen one at school just a few weeks ago.
(Notice my son, safely staying behind in the wagon)

She even took her gloves off to get a better feel.

Luke did decide to venture out of his comfort zone to pet it, not to be outdone by his sister.
Judging by the look on Erin's face, she was quite proud of his bravery.

The young lady also showed everyone a glass lizard. You can look at pictures if you want to here. I wasn't getting close enough to take any. You can call it a lizard if you want to. It didn't have legs, and that is snake enough for me!

Our adventure ended by feeding the giant goldfish in the pond. And one less than friendly swan who took a nibble on Patrick's finger. Sadly, no picture of that either!


  1. That is the cutest picture of your little guy wary of the goat behind him! Lol:)

    Your pictures turned out beautiful! So clear and crisp! Maybe I am just envious of all that wonderful sun I see shining!!!

  2. I love the proud face of the big sister when her little brother touched the gator! =) We have a reptile guy that comes to my daughter school every couple years... he brings a baby gator too... we have pics Holding her!! It was so fun!! =) love 'wild' life!
    Just Jenn~