Thursday, February 4, 2010

Skater Girl

Erin is an extremely active girl, however, not very athletic. So when she asked for skates for Christmas, we let it pass thinking she wouldn't really use them.

But week after week passed, and she still wanted skates. So I told her to save her money and she could buy some. And save she did. She saved her Christmas cash, did her chores at home, raked leaves at Granny's house. At last, she finally had the $40 needed to buy some skates.

The day after her great progress report, she asked if we could go to Toys R Us for skates, so with her bank in her hands, we did. In the cold - wet - rain. We went to the skate/bike section to find...No Skates! Sold out except for the slip on your shoes kind. Oh great. Surprisingly, she did not fall apart.

I promised I would order them for her.  Today was the big day, the man in brown knocked on our door.

She could not wait to put them on!

Scoot, shuffle, (attempt to) skate. All over the house. She is determined.
She did fall down a few times, but didn't seem to mind. And yes, we did get her pads too, but the man in brown didn't have them today.


  1. Those are the best part of childhood...the things that the kids REALLY reallyreally want, and you as parents say ....ummm no. And they stick to their guns about really wanting it and save and earn for it. And then when they finally DO get it, they appreciate it SO MUCH more!

    She looks so happy in the pictures:)

  2. that's awesome that she saved her $ like that!
    when mine get a dollar they want to spend it! :)