Saturday, February 20, 2010

Where I Come From

I don't visit my Grandma as much as I should. She lives by herself in the town that I grew up in. Since Pappy passed away she doesn't like to leave the house, it feels too empty when she comes back home. I think it's sad. He wouldn't want her to live that way. He would be worried about her. I tried telling her once that he doesn't worry anymore. There isn't any worry where he lives. I'm not sure she believed me though.

Last week when the kids and I went, it was a beautiful day, so I took my camera along to capture some of the sights. Erin & Luke were patient in the car while I snapped away. I wanted to take some pictures just in case these old buildings are gone one day too. Compared to our town, where I grew up is a step back. They still have old barns, old houses, old churches. There used to not be any subdivisions, but they are coming.

~St Joseph Catholic Church~

~Creole Museum~

~Community Center~


  1. I love pictures of history and old towns. Those are greats shots! I always try to imagine the people and what happened years ago in those spots...

  2. These are beautiful pictures...oh I especially love the one with the sum beaming in. Don't you wish the walls could talk and you could hear all the history of those buildings?