Friday, February 12, 2010

South LA Snow Day

Luke and I woke up first this morning. I excitedly opened the curtain to see....
...nothing. No snow.

Now that just figures, we are home today and nothing exciting is going to happen.

A short bit later I looked outside and saw it, just a bit on the car.
I showed Luke & told him it was snow. He said "oh no!"

This year I patiently waited and did not wake up Erin. She came out of her room around 8:00, sat on the couch and

ran to the window as fast as she could!

Luke and I could not get our clothes on fast enough for her.
I did finally talk them in to not picking the snow up off the grass to eat with their hands, but the ole' fashioned Peanuts way, by sticking out their tongue.

It took 3 hours for our home to look like this,

...and less than 2 hours for it to all be gone.

We enjoyed it while it lasted.
Back inside to warm up with a little MarioKart!


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