Monday, March 22, 2010

A Backyard Adventure

Patrick & I finally decided to get off our rears (and checkbook) to get the kids a long desired clubhouse/swingset.
We are not generally fast in the major decision making areas.
We only mulled this over for a year. Not bad.

Patrick snuck out of the house & came home with a very unassembled product.

He was greeted by two equally excited children.

After about 6 hours of varnishing (you're welcome), we had wood everywhere!

A few hours of assembly (and sometimes disassembly) we had this.
Thanks Paw & Granny for the help!

(In case you are wondering, my children always start out with clean faces and matching clothes. Rarely does that last very long.)

Only a short week later...
and VICTORY! Erin & Luke have a clubhouse & new swing set.


Thanks Dad for all your hard work!
We love you!


  1. Oh sent me into a panic just looking at the assembly pictures! Never a good thing at this house...!

    Lol! "one short WEEK later" :)

    They look thrilled to have their new swing set. You will be SO happy you decided to get one, especially this summer when the kids are out there all the time!

  2. ROFL@ the matching clothes and clean faces comment! Glad I'm not the only one! ;)

    Hooray for playsets! My brother built us one 2 years ago and it is still awesome!

  3. Awesome, the kids look so happy. They will have a lot of happy years on it. It's a beautiful set. Your hard work paid off.

  4. wow... that is one cool and fancy club house!

  5. Ashleigh,
    What a great playset. Your children will have so much fun with it. Aren't Dads who can build things the best? :)