Friday, March 12, 2010

Say What?

Funny things my children have said recently. It's almost like living with a bunch of comedians. Except it's not.

Mama, Luke is pointing his heinie at me! ~ Erin {after Luke actually pointed his heinie at her}

This is MY song! ~ Luke {on "who let the dogs out" by the Baja men}

But I want to marry Luke! ~ Erin {after discussing how Jacob was tricked into marrying the wrong sister} {I tried telling her she would change her mind about that.}

Mama, can you please be nice? ~ Erin {definately not a finer parenting moment}

Mama! I see a snowball! ~ Erin {after our February snow}
Um, no sweetie, that's a softball, covered with snow. ~ Me {because snowballs don't actually fall from the sky}

We're doing yogurt! ~ Luke {on downward facing dog}

Mama! I didn't know Mario likes Peach! ~ Erin {watching the Mariokart credits}
Oh, Erin, how do you know? ~ Me
 Because they rode by and looked at each other and smiled together! ~ Erin

Why Mama have an ankle? ~ Luke {let the "why" questions begin}


  1. Ha! Ha! I am glad you are writing down the funny things your children say. They were a good laugh because I recognize their train of thoughts in my own children.
    And now I got the Who Let the Dogs Out? song in my head...ugg =)
    Have a good week, Ashleigh.

  2. Too funny that Erin wants to marry Luke at all! Sweet.

    Soo...your little guy is wanting to stand up. LOL! Good luck with that. My guys are 8 and 12 and aiming is STILL sometimes an issue! ugh.

  3. Ashley, I love this page. Tell me how to do one. LOL. Your babies sound delightful. They are both so beautiful. Treasure every moment.