Thursday, March 11, 2010


Meet Lizzie.
She was Erin's pet for about an hour today. I spotted her in our flower bed and pointed it out because of Erin's great love for critters. After Erin made sure it wasn't poisonous, (which I was quite impressed that she took the time to ask) she was not about to let her escape. Like she said, "lizards are fast, but I am faster." 

She trains for critter catching. If there were Critter Catching Olympics, Erin would win the Gold.
No critter shall escape her hand.

Most of her pets meet an ill fate. She doesn't always put them to eternal rest, but I think most times, they would be much better off.

But Lizzie was special. They bonded. Erin by loving, petting and even kissing.
Lizzie bonded by franticly trying to run away, until she realized there was no use.

I did finally convince Erin that Lizzie was probably getting hungry and thirsty. That she should be let go. So she agreed, but not until Lizzie got a tour of the "dryer box - turned clubhouse". You can see how much they both enjoyed it.

So long Lizzie. You'll be missed.

Lizzie had not been gone for 2 whole minutes, when I saw another potential victim  pet. But I kept quiet this time. You can thank me Mr Frog by eating our mosquitos. You're welcome.


  1. excellent job lady! and your blog looks so fancy these days- impressive :)

  2. no way that girl played with that lizard that much!! way better than me!! great pics!!!

  3. Erin reminds me of a child. You go girl :)

    That Lizzie has got to be THE cutest lizard ever (and that is saying alot!)

    LOL~that you knew my reference to Beavis and Butthead! I love you for that!

  4. How adorable! I think I would be jumping in the air with fright with one of them in my hand.

    Love your blog design!

  5. It's nice to meet you Ashleigh! Don't you love it when girls aren't afraid of lizards and creepy crawly things? Those are some great pictures. We have horned lizards where we live (in NM),and the children love finding them. One of my youngest girls is the one who gets most attached and can't stand to let them go.