Tuesday, April 27, 2010

8 Years

I have known my wonderful husband for 12 years. Today we celebrate our 8th anniversary. As previously noted, we are not fast movers on major decisions!

When we started dating, Patrick was 33 and I was 21. I am now 33 (for just a bit longer), and he is um - a youthful 45 ;)

We bought the little house on prairie lane in 2000...

got engaged in 2001...

...and married in 2002. I think our families breathed a sigh of relief.

Life altering changes in 2004...

and yet again in 2007.

Patrick is the best husband I could ask for. Patient when I am not. Supportive of my hair-brained plans. Non-judging of me. And an awesome father who works hard every day, then comes home and gives 100% more.

My love, I adore you. Happy Anniversary.

I Still Love You

The dog got sick.
The kids are ill.
Our bank account
Is almost nil.

The laundry’s
Stacked up in a pile,
And still I know
I have to smile.

Although our life
Might look like blight,
I get to be
With you each night.

It may be tough,
That much is true,
But still I love
My life with you.

Happy Anniversary!
by Denise Rodgers


  1. what a sweet post!
    Happy Anniversary :)

  2. Ahsleigh,
    What wonderful words of honor to your husband. My husband is 10 years older than I am. :) It's great to see pictures of your family.

  3. Ashleigh, I loved seeing these pictures and hearing about your life with your husband. My husband is 5 years older than me and our families grew up together. I always tease him and tell people that he used to change my diapers=)!
    Happy Anniversary!