Friday, April 16, 2010


Angie gave us "the call" last week. The mama duck's eggs had hatched!

After school we went over to see the little ducklings. We had to trek all the way around the pond to try to get close & not trespass. Then trek all the way back around because she was in fact, in a different pond.

We did see some other wildlife on the way there though...

(blah! my least favorite, but cool for the kiddos to see)

We found them - finally. They were very cute. But, one of the white ducks kept pecking at one of the babies and pushing it under the water. We couldn't figure out if it was the mama duck or the nanny doing the pecking.

But it wasn't nice and it made me think a little more than I wanted to.
So I am praying to be nicer, more compassionate, and a more sensitive mama duck. Today went well, and I will be sure to pray up for tomorrow too!

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  1. Such lovely pictures of His creation! You're right..each new day is another opportunity to glorify Him more in how we mother. Hope you had a lovely weekend.