Monday, April 26, 2010

Summer Survival List

Today I have linked up with Mama4Real for her

Those intrinsic items that will protect your mommy-ness, entertain your kids, and ward off the heat demons!
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Some of these will only apply to the areas surrounding Prairie Lane, but I bet if you look, you will find something similiar close to you, too. We will try to go to one fun place a week this summer. Most are cost friendly, if not free.

Rural Life Museum for cool photo ops & a step back in time
The Airport to watch the planes take off & land
Downtown Baton Rouge to stick our feet in the sprinklers and watch the Mississippi flow by
LA Arts & Science Museum they sponsor a free for children Saturday per month
Sprinkler Park for some wet fun
Aunt Lynn's for inground pool fun

Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery & some adult company for the day to pass a little faster.
Aunts & Uncles

Have a paint day outside
Get your brushes or fingers and a huge roll of kraft paper and be creative. Use stencils, stamps & body parts to create works of art.

We also love printable crafts
Here are some site I use. All you need is a printer, scissors, glue & construction paper to make just about anything.

Cases of Pop Ice. Inexpensive & Cold.
If you want a healthier alternative, sometimes we make our own pops with ice cube trays and toothpicks. Just mix up your concoction, pour into the trays, cover with saran wrap & poke a toothpick through them. We like to blend a banana, some strawberries, milk & a little bit of sugar for ours.

I am ALL for being outside and playing, bike riding, swimming in the blow up pool or slip n slide, but sometimes the only thing it's not too hot to do is...

A Thankful Heart
I feel pretty blessed by God and appreciative to my husband to be able to stay home with my children during this time when they are small. So when we all feel we are going crazy from looking at each other nearly every day, I will remember to be thankful for them.

Buckets of Patience
As mentioned above, we will be together almost every day, all day. My morning prayer will be (and is) for patience, patience, patience.

No matter how frustrated I am, this usually seems to help soften my heart and put me back in my place.

Mosquito Spray
There is nothing Avon makes that will keep the bugs off us here. Pass the deet please.
And lastly
For those 100 degree months that the A/C runs all the time. Even when it's set on 80 degrees.
And Entergy thinks they are doing you a favor by the 32 cent federal ordered rate reduction.

So there you have it, my Summer Survival List.
Now please head on over to Mama4Real's to share your ideas!


  1. bad news: link didn't work. Good news: I got MckLinky working. Would you mind trying again? sorry.

    I love your list. You should be a regular installment in my life, you'd make me a better mommy!!!! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Oh sounds divine! Please bring Summer on!!! I'm so ready for it!!!

  3. these are great ideas!!
    I went to the Arts & Science Museum website to find the free day!? I can't find

  4. found out which's this Sunday!!
    yay thanks for sharing!!