Saturday, April 10, 2010

Movin' To The Country

Gonna eat a lot of peaches...

Well, no. We are not actually moving.
But we did spend the night at the camp. I don't think we've been since New Years Eve. We had gone then to escape the loud fireworks that always wake us up in our neighborhood. Now, as I type this, back at home, we hear booming from a neighbors stereo.

We are so glad it has warmed up enough to do things like...
 mini-yacht boat ride and soak up beautiful scenery...

..."drive" the neighbors tractor... unexpected guests...
(I'm not sure who was more afraid - Luke or this poor mouse which Erin would have been thrilled to catch) time...
(it was worth the ride to get this picture)

...and a little relaxing. Very little.
(photo courtesy of my sweet daughter)

Oh! And animal tracking too!
It was beautiful day. If only it could be 80 degrees & low humidity every time we go!


  1. Ashleigh,
    Such great pictures...I really like the one of you and your husband on the swing. :) Ugh..rodents..I would have been completely freaking out! Looks like you had a wonderful family trip.

  2. I love the animal tracks picture! ;)
    Looks like a great relaxing trip!