Friday, April 23, 2010

Day All Axt Fuh You

Honestly - I know this song and can't believe this is how it's spelled. No wonder sometimes people from Louisiana seem less than intelligent! If you have NO idea what this title means, check it out here. Then you will still have no idea what it means.

Anyway, Wednesday, we went on down to the Audubon Zoo. It by far exceeds our little zoo, but it's not within "spur of the moment" distance for us. Patrick decided he would take off a weekday, so it wouldn't be as crowded. Ahem. We failed to realize that it is field trip season. When we drove up, there were about 20 buses in the parking lot. My husband kindly offered to wait in the car while I brought the kids in. He is thoughtful like that.

Thankfully the hordes of people standing out front were just milling around, and we had pre-purchased our tickets through here (which we have used before and I recommend. If you don't live in town, there is surely one in your area) so we didn't have to wait in line at all.

Exhibit A - A large tire. I must have been bumped by someone, because I nearly missed the tire & caught this picture of an elephant instead.

Exhibit B - The petting zoo. Here it was determined that my children are much braver than I am. I may have touched the pointy animal given a little encouragement, but the snake? No way.

Erin was also excited to have petted these. I think if she had a pet turtle this big, it wouldn't be able to disappear from our yard while I had gone to give blood the other day.

Exhibit C - Pretty birds. No witty comments. You're welcome.

Exhibit D - More wild animals

Exhibit E - This was by far the best part. Seeing the looks on their faces, and Luke nearly falling backwards when the sea lion swam by him the first time. Awesome.

Exhibit F - The Dinosaurios (spanish lesson provided by Ms Rosa on LPB)
This was extra. The girl who we paid was nice enough to let Luke in for free. He was terrified anyway. The dinosaurs moved, they roared. Really pretty cool. We recognized some of different ones from Dinosaur Train, like the giganotosaurus.. After we all went through, Erin wanted to go back through it again. The lady at the end asked for our tickets. We didn't have tickets. The nice girl didn't give us any. She proceeded to tell us that "we didn't pay for the exhibit because we are supposed to get tickets". OH NO SHE DIDN'T. But she did. I let her know we MOST CERTAINLY did pay. She called the girl up front, but of course she said she gave tickets to everyone. Nice. Thanks for the backup, nice lady.
(Yes, Patrick, I will let it go.)

Exhibit G - The apes. Patrick and I determined the female was on the left. How, you ask? Well, (1) because she was trying to adorn herself with grass. (2) She got up and walked around while the male just sat back doing nothing.

Whew! This took forever. The posting, I mean. Almost as long as the actual zoo trip. There are actually more pictures, but I'm saving them for the "Wednesday pics of the day" ;)

day all axt fuh you (early inuh mornin)
day all axt fuh you (early inuh eevnan)
evybody der
wanna know where
day all axt fuh you



  1. Ashleigh,
    Great pictures, and I love the layout of them on your blog. I really do dread driving up to the zoo or aquarium and seeing all of the buses. I love the advantage of no crowds! :) It looks like you had a great time. Thanks for taking all of the time (cause pictures do take forever!) to post. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Looks like a cool zoo! WAY better than the one we visited a little while back. Wow. Did you end up having to pay again?

    As for the hair: Your hair is naturally pretty dark right? Mine is like a really dark blonde, or a really nasty ash color. If you really want to go this light, I'd go to a salon and get it done. For me, I've done 3 bleaches, and have about one more to go before it's actually platinum, which is what I'm aiming for.

    If you do it yourself, it's really all about how long you leave the color on. The more expensive blondes at the store last longer, by that I mean, after about 45 minutes, regular old Clairol or whatever becomes inactive, but the more expensive ones last much longer, and thus their bleaching powers go further. (you'd think I was a hair colorist. I should be w/ as much color as I've put in my hair!)

    You can get one of those expensive ones and do a strand test, where you snip a small chunk of hair from underneath and mix a little bit of color together and put it on the strand for like, an hour, say and see what the result is. Then you'll know better how it will work in your hair.

    WHEW. Does that help?