Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years

Due to the extreme firework activity around our house on New Years Eve, and the lack of sleep Patrick & I always seem to get, we decided to spend a quiet night at the camp.

And (gasp) we actually purchased fireworks of our own for the first time in our nearly 11 years together. Yes-sir-ree, a whole $10 worth. We were, of course, extra careful to buy fireworks with no report. Who knew that meant they don't make the booming sound my children are petrified of? Apparently, my knowledgable husband does.

So here they are, full of fear & nervousness anticipation.

ooooh - ahhhh

This morning, although very cold, it was at last daylight, and we could wander.

This girl loves to walk in the woods & hear the crack of breaking branches beneath her very pink boots. She says "I am very good at walking in the forest." Yes, yes she is. This lady would be proud.

This little guy, prefers the road, scouting for big rocks for me to carry.

We had a good time, and as always, are happy to be back in our comfy beds. Listening to our dear neighbors - pop more fireworks - after 11:00 pm

Good Night - and Happy New Year!


  1. YES fireworks pictures are quite difficult to capture. Yours is just as good as mine though!!
    And I LOVE the new header pic!!!

  2. yay for fireworks!! they look like they enjoyed it!

  3. Oh my Gosh!! I am not a camper...even in the summer. I can't imaging camping in the winter!

    But your pictures are beautiful!~ The children in the serene quite of the peaceful woods. Beautiful.

    Happy New Years!