Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Morning At The Museum

Cold. Rainy. Yucky. Stuck inside again. Blah.
We loaded up and made the best of it by visiting the Arts & Science Museum downtown.

First stop was the Science Station. The kids loved the ball maze.

And this thing (which I'm sure has a name) that the ball clacks down each wooden step.

Next was the Discovery Depot where they imagined, played, cooked in the kitchen, climbed the clubhouse. Suprisingly, I was not asked yet again, for a train table. Because a train on the floor isn't quite the same thing.

Erin built a firetruck puzzle while her brother threw all the jumbo-sized dominos on the floor, then proceeded to take a "nap" on the bookshelf.

We took a tour of Ancient Egypt, saw a real live mummy and walked through a pyramid tunnel.

I'm sure we could have stayed much longer, but after passing a few birthday parties and the delicious smell of birthday cake - our rumbling tummies told us to head on our way.

It was a good morning, and no one cried or yelled. At least until we got in the car.

And just as a note (which of course my cheap self didn't realize) every 2nd Saturday of the month, they do not charge admission for children under 12.

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  1. jack loves the museum! good to know about the free saturday too!