Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mothers - Heart Of The Home

Exodus 2:1-10

Moses had a great mother. She gave up her son for his well being and safety. Something all of us would like to think we would do. But set your 3 month old baby out in a basket on the river? Can you say "nile crocodile"? That, I can not imagine.

Of course she wanted to keep him close and love him, but she knew he would lose his life if she tried. She also knew the hand of God was on her child, she knew something was special about him. She knew because she walked with God daily.

When Moses was born, there was rejoicing in her home, but I'm sure a sadness as well; since all first born baby boys were to be put to death. But she was committed to God's protection. She was willing to turn and trust God in the face of fear. Fear that her son would be executed. She gave her son over to the Lord, and asked for His protection.

Jochebed had comfort from God's providence. She had faith in Him when she put her baby in the river. God knew she would put Moses in a basket. He knew where to stop the basket. He knew who would find it. God knew Pharoah's daughter would have compassion for this Hebrew child. And she certainly knew of the law her father had passed.

Of course in the end, Jochobed was called to take care of Moses. She was able to see him grow up. Watched him turn into the special son she knew he was. She turned her son over to God, and Moses lived his life for Him.

God will bless what we turn over to Him. Our spouses, our children, our finances. We just have to let go and trust.


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