Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why People Follow Jesus

John 12:1-50

Why do you follow Jesus? Do you follow Him? There are several reason why people do...

Some follow out of  a passion for Him, a true love. (vs 1-4)
Days before Jesus was crucified, Mary Magdalene annointed His head and feet with an expensive oil. It was more expensive than gold today. It represented one years salary. She was devoted to Jesus and willing to give everything to Him. And some days we are reluctant to give 10%. A measly portion considering all He has given us.

Some follow to gain position. (vs 5-11)
All of the disciples are disappointed at the use of the oil, but Judas was the one to voice his displeasure. It was not because he actually felt pity for the poor that he spoke of, but because he was a thief, and would have loved to have his hands on the money it was worth. The disciples, even up to this point, were interested in who would be the greatest in His kingdom. They even argued about it in Mark 9:34.

Some follow to obtain prosperity and power. (vs 12-19)
The Jewish people wanted a king to save their city, not their souls. They followed Him in hopes he would restore their city to its former glory.

Some followed Him to investigate a phonomenon. (vs 20-36)
They were interested in what would happen to Him. If He was who He claimed, would he allow His own death on the cross?

Some follow Him privately. (vs 37-50)
Many of the chief rulers who beleived in Jesus, would not openly profess their faith in Him. They loved their relationship with men, more than their relationship with God! (vs 42)

Why do you do what you do? If you have a passion for something, then nothing will stop you from doing it. Do you have a passion for Jesus? Why do you follow Him?


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