Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Day

Well, not exactly snow. Not even much ice, except for the ditches (which the kids thought was really cool). But it was really, really cold (for us), so schools closed. Freezing temps never last past daylight here.

So here we are, inside needing something to do. Valentine's crafts! It's never too early to celebrate kisses and chocolate.

After our crafting, we went to the library and to visit Granny.
She passed on a great idea that her Mom used to do. Homeade "ice cream".
We will mix milk, sugar, and vanilla - put them in containers outside - and see if we have ice cream in the morning!

And how about that collage! YAY!
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  1. aren't you just the best; love the crafts!! you just have all that stuff hanging around the house!!
    I'm gonna try the ice cream idea!!