Monday, January 4, 2010

Home Improvement

I have realized, that next month, we will have lived in our house for 10 years! Only 18 more and it will be all ours! Hooray!

Anyway - In this time, I have painted the living room, Erin's room, and kids bath (although I should have thought twice about doing that and will someday change it to a little calmer pallette.)

I decided to finally do something with our bathroom. We had a small water spot on the ceiling from the last hurricane, so I got the ceiling painted. It looked so nice & clean...why stop there? I originally purchased Behr Beachwalk. It did not match my greeny/gray doors at all. (So if any of you would like a gallon of yellowish paint, let me know.) In a hurry, I went to Wal Mart the 2nd time and got their Colorplace Creamware. The color is very neutral, although the paint is almost colored water. I wouldn't recommend it.

My budget is mini, for most projects I do, so I found an old, large, black frame from the closet & decided to frame a pretty damask fabric to hang over the tub. I had seen something of the sort on HGTV. I also found an 8x10 frame that I spray painted black and framed a smaller version of the fabric to hang behind the toilet. The candleholders and candles were 50% off from Hobby Lobby (thank goodness) as well as the fabric and greenery. The "new" soap dish came from Goodwill.

But alas, the bathroom is done. I am pleased with it. My husband is happy it's over :)


  1. wow....that looks great!!
    I love the last print...very creative...and a great idea!!

  2. Love the way you have shared the post and thanks for sharing the snaps.