Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Possessing The New Year

Some people may go through this new year and not possess it. Not claim it for Jesus. We need to desire God's provision. We should want God's best in our life. He wants His best in our life. Don't all parents want the best for their children? It was not God's will for His children to dwell in the wilderness. It was God's will for them to dwell in the promised land.

Deuteronomy 11:10 - 12
For the land you are about to enter and occupy is not like the land of Egypt from which you came, where you planted your seed and dug out irrigation ditches with your foot as in a vegetable garden. It is a land of hills and valleys with plenty of rain - a land that the Lord your God cares for. He watches over it day after day throughout the year!

We must depend on God's promises. Everything you need in the coming year, God has already given to you! It is a matter of faith to enjoy that which God had blessed us with. Our families, our homes, our jobs. Christians have already been given the hope and promise of tomorrow. He has given us the victory!

We need to delight in God's presence. God is the God of present tense. He is the God of yesterday, today, and forever! No matter what is happening in the world, He is still in control of all things. Even when things are at their worst and there is fear all around - know that nothing would be happening if God did not allow it to.

We should discern God's providence. If you belong to God, you are his precious possession. His eyes are always on us, caring for us. His eye is on the sparrow, and I know he watches me!

What is your desire for the new year? Do you desire Jesus? If you do, you will be filled with Him!

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